Military Hotels – Helping Our Servicemen and Women

Military Hotels are not exclusive for military people. It is a collective term used for hotels offering discount rates for men and women serving in the military. It can also mean hotels near the military bases. But of course this is with the exception of hotel establishments really named as Military Hotels or resorts. Having this collective term, it is easier for people to search for hotels or inns or lodge that offer military discount. Not only that, but some hotels give special services to military men and women. It is in the discretion of hotel owners in providing special benefits from the hotel as a sort of reward for the noble service that military men rendered for the country. These are some of the privileges that military would like to enjoy.

Some Military hotels as being mentioned are located mostly near the military bases. These hotels let military men enjoy low rates, no booking fees and other pluses on hotel services. Men and Women in uniform get to enjoy the comfort of home and the luxury of a hotel while being on assignment.

To find out discounts, low rates and even coupons, they have to get updated online with the promotions and online ad of military hotels. They can check in trip advisor, or military-travel net. They can even get reservations online and immediate confirmations. As guaranteed there is no booking fee and service fee for every transaction that a retired or reserved or active military man made online.

The Basics About Food Poisoning And Prevention

Some doctors opt for treating food poisoning omitting any medication, leaving the disease to evolve by itself. Of course this option is not suitable for children, elderly and chronically ill. This therapeutic approach is allowed for people who receive usual and tolerable symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal cramping. These are typically mild bacterial infections, which disappear within a few days, in the absence of any treatment to help boost the immune system, and the acquisition of new antibodies, ready to fight the infection.

But there are also cases where diarrhea persists and the symptoms get worse. In this instance, you should see your local GP for treatment. The treatment itself is simple. No antibiotics are needed, just good hydration followed by a transition diet (switching from diet to regular diet therapy, pre-illness).

MOISTURISE using teas (mint, hay) sweetened water, boiling water, vegetable soups, stewed fruits, carrot juice. Can be sweetened drinks (no exaggeration), contrary to popular belief that sugar should not be used. Avoid carbonated beverages or those with too much sugar. Drinks should be in small quantities and frequent administration.

TRANSITION DIET consists of boiled rice, cheese, bananas, vegetables or mashed potatoes, administered in doses often and in small quantities.

Warning: Botulism is a potentially lethal food poisoning. It is due to ingestion of food containing a toxin made by certain spores in food. Botulinum toxin is most commonly found in green beans and tomatoes.

Symptoms usually start at 12-36 hours after eating contaminated food and the symptoms include headaches, blurred vision or double muscle weakness and eventually paralysis. Some people accuse nausea, vomiting, constipation, urinary retention and decreased salivation. These symptoms require immediate medical attention.

We recommend people respect some basic food guidelines to prevent food poisoning or other digestive diseases being transmitted.

1. Avoid cooking foods more than 2-3 hours before consumption, if you can not provide the conditions necessary for keeping the temperature of food preparations.

2. Providing food keeping the temperature 4-80 C, if the food to be consumed in less than 2-3 hours of preparation (refrigeration).

3. Eating foods prepared for infants immediately after preparation, without being reheated or refrigerated.

4. Avoiding contact between the food we prepared and cooked.

5. Maintaining cleanliness of all kitchen surfaces (floors, worktops).

6. Avoid cooking food by people who have injury or infection (nail infection) in the hands / fingers – if this is not possible, use a sterile dressing to completely isolate the lesion / infection.

7. Careful washing of fruits, vegetables and herbs before eating them.

8. Keeping in maximum hygiene for all food preparation surfaces.

9. Providing the conditions necessary to avoid any contact between food and insect or animal consumption.

10. Use only potable water for human consumption – special attention should be given to water used to prepare food for children.

11. Boiling water is mandatory if there are doubts over the quality of drinking water.

12. Avoid eating food sold on the street, such as ice cream, cakes, pastries, hot dogs, small, hamburger, etc.

Home care tips

* Rest and drink plenty of fluids.
* Do not administer drugs against diarrhea because they may slow elimination of bacteria and toxins.
* Diseases of light and medium frequently resolves itself within 12 hours.

It is important to avoid eating excess quantities of food while gradually recovering from any case of food poisoning.

Top Five Destinations to Enjoy the Best of Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan is one of the most vibrant and colorful regions of India. It is the largest state of India and has beautiful city Jaipur as the state capital. This regal and imperial state of India is such a fascinating tourism destination in the country where temptation never ends. Tourists have wonderful opportunities to meet with endless temptation of tourism. In this article, I am attempting to put brief information about top five destinations of the state where you can experience best of Rajasthan tourism with excellent tourist facilities. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner are top five destinations of the state offering tourists truly and complete essence of tours and travels is the regal state of Rajasthan, India.

Jaipur is the capital of the state. Fondly known as the Pink City of India, it never fails to lure tourists and vacationers with its temptation which lies in its forts, palaces, lakes, temples, gardens, fairs & festivals, streets, bazaars and heritage hotels. Worth visit monuments in Jaipur city are Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar Observatory, Gaitore, Statue Circle, Albert Hall Museum, etc. Temple attractions in the city are Govind Dev Ji Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Swami Narayan Temple, Moti Dungri, Galtaji Temple, etc. Worth visit gardens in the city are Vidyadhar Gardens, Kanak Vrindavan Valley, Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh, etc. Important fairs & festivals celebrate in the city are Gangaur Festival, Teej Festival, Kite Festival and Elephant Festival. Shopping attractions in the city are handicrafts, camel leather products, artificial jewelry, carpets, etc.

Tourists on Jaipur city tours can make excursions to fascinating destinations like Samode Palace, Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Pushkar, Sariska Tiger Reserve and Ranthambhore National Park. Jaipur is also a destination of golden triangle tours which cover Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Golden triangle tour adds more charm your Rajasthan travel and tourism.

Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer lie in the historic desert triangle travel circuit of the state. They are also noteworthy cities not only for Rajasthan but also of India. Jaisalmer is situated in the very hearty of Thar Desert and Bikaner and Jaisalmer are located on the edge of the Thar Desert. A well-organized tour in cities of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner; tourists have brilliant opportunity to relish exhilarating camel safari trip and cherish the charm of mind-boggling waves of rippling sand dunes. Junagarh Fort, Havelis, Lalgarh Palace and Camel Breeding Farm & Research Centre are key attractions of Bikaner, the Camel Country. Golden Fort (also called Sonar Kila or Jaisalmer Fort), Jain Temples and Havelis are major attractions of tourism in Jaisalmer, the Golden City of India. Mehrangarh Fort, Fort Museum, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Sardar Market, Balsamand Lake & Palace, Jaswant Thada, Mandore Gardens, etc are very fascinating attractions of city tours in Jodhpur, the Blue City of India and also known as the Sun City. You will surly love to explore fascinating desert triangle on your Rajasthan tours and travels.

Udaipur is one of the most popular attractions of Rajasthan tourism. It is a beautiful city in the state known for lakes, palaces, temples and gardens. Lake Palace, Jag Mandir Palace, City Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Pratap Memorial, Nagda Temples, Eklingji Temple, Fateh Sagar Lake, Pichola Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, Jagdish Temple, Shilpgram, etc are worth visit attractions of city tours in Rajasthan, India.

The Culture of Tanzania

Several tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania would like to know some elements about the culture of the country. As a country in the Eastern section of Africa, the culture is quite dissimilar to many countries around the region. The literature of Tanzania for example offered the world a number of distinctive writers. We remember Shaaban Robert, the famous poet and writer. This renowned poet was responsible to develop the prose style of the Swahili, the main language of Tanzania.

Another famous Tanzanian writer is Mohamed Said Abdullah. Originating from Zanzibar, Abdullah is famous for his detective stories like Graveyard of the Ancestors and he is also considered the founder of the Swahili literature. With a wide collection of creations, Abdullah is popular as well among tourists who travel to Tanzania as some of his works were translated to many languages.

The most renowned writers of contemporary Tanzanian literature include Abdallah Gurnah who was born in Zanzibar in 1946. His best works include Paradise, which takes place in East Africa after World War I. This novel was nominated to win the UK booker prize in 1994. This is another novelist that is famous among tourists who go on vacations in Tanzania.

Another significant aspect of the culture enjoyed by various travelers who enjoy their holidays in Tanzania is the traditional music and dances of the country. The most famous traditional dance of Tanzania, the Ngoma, is featured with its subtle rhythm and smooth tunes. This dance, among many others, forms expressions of thanks and praise.

The Marimbas, this metal percussion musical instrument, is among the most famous instruments of Tanzania. It is popular as well to find the Marimbas accompanying many traditional dances escorted by the drums that is a vital element in the dances and the music that amaze travelers who tour Tanzania.

The Maasai Tribe has some wonderful dances and music that make tourists who travel to Tanzania feel as if they have left the world behind their backs and harmonize in wonderful music and dances.

Another famous element of the Tanzanian culture would be the sculpture and wood carvings. Together with Mozambique, Tanzania is famous throughout the East African region for its wonderful carvings of various sorts and type especially wood. A lot of tourists who travel to Tanzania love to buy some wooden carved items from the country as valuable souvenirs to take back home.

The center of wood carved products in Tanzania today is this section of Dar El Salam, the capital of the country, which is called Makonde. Huge blocks of African black wood are made into magnificent fancy carved products to be sold to tourists from all the world that enjoy tours in Tanzania. The motifs of these wood carved products commonly include faces, various images, and simple natural scenes.

Painting comes in second place in the types of arts famous in Tanzania. The most famous traditional style of painting is surly the Tingatinga that is in fact derived from the famous painter, Edward Saidi Tingatinga who started his creations in 1960s. Popular among tourists who go on vacations in Tanzania, the Tingatinga is featured for its square shape, bright colors, dominating animal motifs, and the singular colored background.

Although there are many places around Tanzania to purchase Tingatinga paintings, among the best places to get them is the Tingatinga Center, situated near the famous Morogoro stores at the heart of Dar El Salam. Many interesting paintings are also sold in at several cultural centers in Dar El Salam as well. It is quite recommended for travelers who go on vacations to Tanzania to buy paintings and wood carved creations.